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Hot Spots on Pugs

Many owners wonder what hot spots on a Pug are. This is not a particular skin disease, it is a condition that manifests from an initial disorder. Dry skin may be the cause - particularly in the winter when the air is arid and cold, though many times it will be due to an allergic reaction.

These are red, inflamed areas on the body. They often appear on the thighs or lower back, however they can be located just about anywhere. Most are circular in nature but may have an irregular border. They will be raw areas of skin that can be very itchy. If not treated, hair loss may occur.

In the early stages, a hot spot can be treated at home with a quality heeling balm. Alternatively, breaking open a Vitamin E capsule and gently rubbing in the oil may help. Be sure to lay down soft bedding so that the exposed, raw area has cushioning when the Pug lies down.

If it does not heal up, this sort of sore can develop into broken skin that is vulnerable to infection. At this point, an antibacterial topical ointment is needed. Testing may be done to identify a possible allergen.

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