Pug Umbrella

San Fransisco Collection Umbrella Pug Silhouette

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For when its raining cats and Pugs!

  • Description

    Introducing this perfect pug umbrella. This delightful design features playful pugs’ silhouettes in a beautiful shade of beige on its striking red polyester canvas, with a span of 95cm when open and a length of 86cm. With 8 flexible fibreglass ribs, this pug print umbrella is perfect for keeping yourself dry and protected on an unsavory day. The walking style pug print umbrella also has a black crook handle to make it all the more stylish! This pug umbrella also includes an auto-open feature, meaning you can show off this delightful design with just a push of a button. These walking style pug umbrellas are perfect for any person that possesses a pug!

  • Info

    • Canopy made from Polyester
    • Open Diameter 95cm
    • Rubberised Handle