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Fenella Smith Little Jug

Fenella Smith - Little Pug Jug


This fun Pug Little Jug is part of the Pug Ceramics range by Fenella Smith.

  • Description

    The Fenella Smith Little Jug is full of charm and is perfect for serving milk or cream with tea and coffee.

    All Fenella Smith ceramics are made using traditional slip-cast methods from the finest clay and because each item is hand-finished, they have a bespoke, handmade feel to them. At the bottom of each of the handles is a delightful ceramic button which is a wonderful flourish and adds even more allure to the pieces.

    Fenella Smiths range of kitchen and housewares blend minimal style with the bohemian nostalgia of her childhood which was heavily influenced growing up surrounded by animals. Every design tells a different story and are designed to be used and loved every day.

  • Details

    Brand Fenella Smith

    Height: 13cm

    Capacity: 300ml

    Style Pug
    Material Earthenware


    Care Instructions:
    Dishwasher and microwave safe - lower temperature wash to maintain appearance. Pottery not oven safe.

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