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Chomp-Away Chicken Bites - Lily's Kitchen treats

Chomp-Away Chicken Bites - Lily's Kitchen treats


These brilliant little bites are bursting with mouthwatering flavour to make the little ones jump for joy!

  • Description

    Made with freshly prepared chicken, a sprinkling of quinoa (an energy and protein-rich seed) and a gentle dash of ginger (known to aid digestion) for a simply delicious, natural treat. Perfect for training, in between meals or… just because. These tempting treats are made to a grain free recipe, with natural ingredients and without any added nasties - so your furry family can enjoy them every day. 

  • Information

    Feeding guidelines: Up to 5 a day. Always make sure there’s a bowl of fresh water available. Always supervise your dog when they’re eating a treat. (Excited dogs can sometimes forget to chew!)

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